From Christina and Johanna:

A very hard decision has been made. AB Silk is closing. I wanted so very much to carry on the family legacy, but I simply cannot do it and work my full time job which has me away 50 to 55 hours per week. Not only that but we have had some mother nature caused mishaps and most if not all of the of the products and ingredients to make new product have been ruined. At this time, I do not have the money nor the time to start all over again.

We cannot thank you enough for your continued support over the years!! Some of you have been with us since '97 when Mom started this out of her house. The friendships and customer relationships that have been built will forever be cherished!!

These are some troubling times we face as a Nation and we wish all of you and your families good health and prosperity

This site will close at the end of June 2020. Thank you so much! We truly love you all!!

Sadly and Respectfully, Christina and Johanna

From Patricia:

'Thank you' does not begin to describe how appreciative I am for having great ladies support me in the very beginning back in 1998.

With a serious back injury in 2008, I turned ABSilk over to my girls in 2009. Alas, times have changed, the girls have worked their way up or still in school. Christi is a Post-Closer for a large multi-office Atlanta real estate law firm. Johanna is a social worker going for her Masters. And I have gone back into art which allows me to work with my hands while sitting and make a modest living without having to rely too heavily on my back and legs. If you would like to check out some resin art, please go to Gold 'n Glitter Designs and see my work. Use the one time code "absilk" for a 25% off savings.

Thank you so very very much!
Skincerely, Patricia