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Toner Myth
Toner Myth
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The #1 Skin Condition is Dehydrated Skin

Why Use a Face Toner?
A facial toner is the most misunderstood step in your skin care regimen and also the most neglected ~ the most common skin problems ~ do you have:
*large pores...
*excessive dryness...
*excessive oiliness...
*numerous breakouts...
*clogged pores...
*premature aging on parts of your skin...
*tiny bumps along the hairline...
*rough skin texture...
*lack of even absorption by the skin

If you answered "yes" to any one of these, then more than likely you are one of those who is not following the most cardinal rule of skin care: the regular use of a toner. Not a toner containing alcohol, acetone, or benzyl peroxide, but a true skin conditioner free of harmful ingredients. In well over 90% of the cases that I personally have come across in all my years in this business, the most common skin problems were caused by dehydration and the lack of thorough cleansing. Not scrubbing skin raw, but removing all pore debris. A toner is the most important part of skin care. If you do not tone your skin before applying your treatment serums or moisturizers, then you are simply fooling yourself into believing that you are taking care of your skin. Applying anything on your face without toning first is useless!

Here’s why you should use an all natural toner: tone tone tone! Although most people are under the false impression that when they wash their face with a cleanser, their skin is completely clean, a cleanser is nothing but a superficial cleaner. In fact, you don't even have to use a cleanser when you have no makeup on, in the mornings for instance. All you need to use then is a toner before putting on your daytime moisturizer. Contrary to common belief, a toner is not just a skin conditioner - it is much more than that. A toner performs at least 4 very essential acts that no other skin care product on the market can do:
A toner deep cleanses and purifies your pores, making sure that all pores are totally clear of leftover makeup, cleanser residue, dirt, dead skin cells, waste by-products, toxins and other hazardous elements.
A toner cannot "close" pores as pores do not have muscles controlling their opening. Pores can only appear smaller, if deep cleansed and there's good collagen/elastin support.
A toner is especially important for clearing the skin of impurities found in tap water. Analyze tap water and you’ll discover fluoride, chlorine and sodium which clog the pores and are very dehydrating. If this debris is not removed, you are only forcing it deeper into your pores as your apply moisturizer on top, trapping the debris that can cause bumps, blackheads, enlarged pores, improper absorption of the moisturizer, rough texture and even acne.
A toner balances the pH level or the natural acid mantel that protects your skin from the environment. Not too acid so that oxygen is not robbed from your skin. It can take your skin up to 30 minutes to rebalance itself after cleansing without using a toner because the sebaceous or oil glands are confused ~ oily skins keep pumping out oil and dry skins stop producing oil.
A toner hydrates tissues for proper cell function. Skin can be oil dry and/or moisture dry and the moisture content is more crucial to skin health. A toner is a very nourishing form of moisture that even a moisturizer cannot provide - not too dry, not too wet. it can take your skin up to 30 minutes to rebalance itself after cleansing without using a toner ~ oily skins keep pumping out oil on top of dehydrated skin and dry skins stop producing oil on top of dehydrated skin. Also, the environment is constantly robbing your skin of hydration, especially if you live in the city, during forced heat season, and while traveling. This is why I so strongly recommend spritzing a few times a day!
A toner assists penetration of treatments and moisturizers which means complete absorption of the potent nutrients, those nutrients absorbing deeper, more effectively and evenly into your skin. In essence and without getting too technical, the derivatives in non-alcohol toners help moisturizers work deeper and more effectively than it would other wise be able.

So if you truly are interested in seeing results from your serums and moisturizer, tone before using them. It's one simple step that takes no more than 60-120 seconds and it makes a world of difference. Just try it a few times and you will see results!

Water is not a toner! If you mist your face with any kind of water (deionized, filtered, mineral, spring), when it starts to dry it will evaporate and may feel tingly, this will dry out your skin! A toner also sets mineral makeup, misting after application makes a very soft and set makeup. Especially with some of the mineral makeups that can look almost dry, the toner finishes off the application with a hydrating setting action that allows the makeup to feel moist without any shine.

So if anyone tells you that a toner is not an important part of your skin care regimen, then they are not a trained or skilled skin care professional! this means they do not understand the physiology of your skin, proper skin health, or what your skin truly needs.

How to Tone: make sure the toner is acetone, alcohol and benzoyl peroxide free, even if you have oily skin. In fact, alcohol on oily skin will increase the oil because it's a stimulant. None of my products contain alcohol! Make sure to tone your skin thoroughly at least twice a day, morning and evening, before applying your serum or moisturizer. During the summer months, when the air pollution is at its worst, try to tone 3 times a day if possible. For best results think “spray and wipe”. Spritz you face to rehydrate. Follow by dampening silky cotton pads with toner. Concentrate on troubled areas and don't let your skin air dry. Those tingly toners evaporating off the top of your skin is robbing your skin of precious moisture. Instead, apply moisturizer to damp skin, this hydrates the skin. Lightly wet a cotton with toner and begin cleaning your skin gently, one small section at a time. Never try using the same cotton all over the skin in one single try. Start with your forehead, especially at the hairline where it is most neglected during cleansing. After cleaning your forehead, look at the cotton, if you see makeup or any other discoloration on the cotton, get new cotton and tone the same section again. Repeat this step until the cotton comes away perfectly clean, free of any residue and pore debris. Then start with the next section. perform this procedure from the hairline all the way to your décolleté. The reason you should not stop at your chin is because throughout the day when you are busy running around, your body temperature rises and this causes your makeup to run. In fact, on warm days if you tone the upper part of your chest, you will find some of your morning makeup there as well. So if this thin skinned area has little bumps, then your décolleté needs the same deep cleansing.

...now you have clean skin!

If you doubt the need for a cotton toning/hydration, try toning only one side of your face and neck for a week and see the difference. Especially if oily, acne, congested pores, blackheads, large pores, or dehydrated.

If you drink lots and lots of filtered water, eat healthy, exercise regularly and rest well, and NO sugar, results will be optimal.

"Without any oil to reflect light, toners are indeed on the cutting edge of technology for beauty. When models are on assignment, they are always sure to pack a bottle of floral water to spray their face many times throughout the day to keep skin looking young and beautiful with a moist and dewy look."


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