Oily Acne Skin Care

Oily Acne Skin Care
AB Silk O Line is our natural skin care formulated for oily, acne and rosacea skin. These are skins which still retain a good amount of natural skin components with mild aging - skin oil and bacteria levels is what determines these skins. Natural skin care formulas contain a higher concentration of active healing ingredients compared to OTC products. Our Proprietary Charged Fermented Botanicals are natural organic, helping balance and heal acne skin.

AB Silk’s Acne products are truly transdermal. These problem skin care products go through the skin into the cellular level, and they can really impact the collagen. The majority of products on the market are not transdermal, and because of that they can't have an optimally serious effect. The skin is a protective organ, protecting you from everything including cosmetics and skin care. Products that cannot penetrate deep enough and can't get below the surface have little effect. The majority of skin problems happen at the collagen level. If you don't give support at that level, you don't really get any anti-aging effect.

AB Silk’s Acne skin care is a natural organic line, our gentle version of the diluted and harsh product like ProActiv and Murad. Skin needs to be clarified and balanced on a daily basis and the stronger the formulas, the more dramatic the healing and repairing will be. And these are very strong formulas!

O Cleanser
gentle green tea cleanser with exfoliating jojoba beads does not strip natural oils
O Toner
clarifying toner for problem skins and large pores
O Serum
clarifying serum for acne-rosacea skins, blackheads, clogged pores, BENZOYL PEROXIDE-free
O Hydrator
hydrating gel for acne, rosacea, blackheads, large pores
O Moisturizer
lotion for dry acne and dry rosacea
O Exfoliant
gentle scrub for problem skins
O Mask
Dead Sea Mud for problem skins

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