Signature Extreme Creme

Signature Extreme Creme
Item# Sigexc-2oz

Our Extreme Creme is a high performance boosted anti-aging serum-cream with Hyaluronic Acid, Peptides, EGF, Stem Cells, and Ceramides. A single solution to the overwhelming problem of which products to buy and whom to believe. Our extreme creme is designed to be the most nutrient-dense and comprehensive skin food ever offered. This is our passion, commitment, and also a promise - A promise to you that we have done everything possible to ensure that it is the best anti-aging product that we can make at this time. To our knowledge, there is no equal. We constantly strive to "push the envelope" and make it better yet. We try to leave no stone unturned and extensively utilize traditional as well as uncommon technologies, and current science information, to develop a better product. New versions are always in development and as our active, on-going research continues to evolve, so to will our signature line.

Significantly improves the appearance of the skin, results are immediately visible and enhanced with continued and cumulative use. Only the highest quality natural ingredients are hand blended in small fresh batches into a synergistic formula for maximum efficacy without irritation.

The Concept is simple: take the best from the best, create a simplified skin care regimen using those "bests", omit diluting water and polluting parabens and offer a superior anti-aging skin care product line that delivers results. The Science took years of research, formulating, and reformulating. Our Extreme Creme does it all, and for less money. This Fountain of Youth protocol addresses these all too familiar aging skin issues:
* Elastosis sun-damage to the deeper skin, manifesting as yellow discoloration, tiny yellow-white bumps, and poor texture in the under-eye area, upper lip, and cheeks
* Erythema redness or ruddy appearance or broken blood vessels on the nose, chin, and eventually the rest of the face
* Hyperpigmentation brown spots and discoloration due to sun exposure, which fail to fade
* Keratoses rough patches and growths on the skin due to sun and aging
* Laxity sagging skin, such as drooping upper eyelids, folds around the mouth and marionette lines, jowls, and sagging of the neck
* Textural roughness to the skin which worsens over time due to the effects of sun damage to all skin layers
* Wrinkles fine and coarse lines on face, eyes, upper lip, and neck

* Alpha Lipoic Acid - ALA, D3PA, Dithiolane-3-Pentanic Acid known as a universal anti-oxidant which fights free-radicals known to cause wrinkles. Free-radicals cause wrinkles by attacking and damaging healthy skin cells. D3PA has explosively more staying power than any other anti-oxidant and is a major anti-inflammatory key ingredient.
* Amino Acids or proteins are the building blocks of the skin.
* Anti-Glycation or glycation inhibitors reverse debilitating sugar aging.
* Anti-Inflammatories heal skin and repair deep cellular damage.
* Anti-Oxidants fight free radical damage to rejuvenate skin reversing environmental trauma.
* Botanicals include organic botanical extracts, hydrosols, and ocean extracts which hydrate and balance skin.
* DMAE - muscle toning and firmness activator helps produce acetycholine causing skin to firm and the muscles underneath to tone-up. Long-term use of Deanol helps to permanently achieve a leaner look because the muscle tone in our face improves. One of the more spectacular anti-aging effects of Deanol is the natural lift it could produce in the eyelids in just a few days of use.
* Essential Oils - This custom blend of clock-stopping essential oils will instantly shrink your pores, refine your skin texture and prevent blackheads. Whether you want to maintain a naturally beautiful complexion or improve your skin's tone and texture, this potent combination of exotic oils will make an immediate and noticeable difference in your skin. Apply it daily after cleansing and enjoy its aromatherapeutic benefits along with its serious skin care performance.
* Carrier Oils - Organic fruit, nut, seed, and berry oils feed skin with live skin food and increase oxygen levels. Lubricating the skin increases elasticity, texture, color and a healthy glow.
* Peptides - A plethora of peptides are the ultimate skin firming, remodeling, anti-aging, and regenerating ingredients.
* Ubiquinone - CoQ10 or CoEnzyme Q-10 is claimed by scientists to clearly out-shine all other anti-oxidants available today. It boosts our body's ability to produce collagen, elastin and other important skin molecules, helping our skin look young, healthy and wrinkle-free.
* Vitamin C/Cester - Ascorbyl Palmitate benefits include promoting collagen synthesis, photo- protection from ultraviolet A and B, lightening hyper-pigmentation, and improvement of a variety of inflammatory dermatoses.

Take time for you, enjoy your skin care ritual and caress the skin you're in. This is your private time so take a deep breath and slowly exhale, clearing your mind and relaxing your body, thinking happy thoughts that bring a smile to your face:

For the first two weeks, apply a thin film at night after cleansing. After two weeks use twice a day, morning and night. For those with problem skin, because the bacteria which cause many skin problems cannot survive in oxygen, this creme can provide a safe, natural alternative.

After toning, apply a small portion of Extreme Creme. Using fingertips, dot sparingly over face, eyes, neck, decollete, and back of hands. Do not massage into skin. Go back with fingertips and stipple (quick pat and press motion) into the skin. Needier skins may require another light layer but allow the first to soak in for a few minutes - very dry skins, post menopause skins, dry skins in arid climates, northern winters, medications, etc. A tacky feel means too much product was used, apply sparingly. Wait a few minutes before applying make-up.

Unique self-massaging effect means that once you stipple the cream into the tissues, the oxygen gas is released and penetrates the skin unaided. The benefit of this is that you get optimum penetration and absorption of the product in the facial tissues, and not on the palms of the hands, where most of the other creams would go, due to the pores on the hands being much larger than those on the face.

Ingredients listed in alphabetical order for ease in researching - 2.3 oz jar:

Proprietary Anti-Glycation Anti-Inflammatory Anti-Oxidant Anti-Aging Repair Complex - Alpha Lipoic Acid, Amino Acids, Astaxanthin, Beta Glucan, Caffeine, Calcium, Ceramides, Chondroitin, Chrysin, CoEnzyme Q-10, DMAE, EGF, GABA, Glucosamine, Glycosaminoglycans, Glyconutrients, Hyaluronic Acid, Lactic Acid, Lactose, Matrixyl 3000, Minerals, MSM, Oxygen, Peptides, Polyphenols, Phospholipids, Proteins, Pycnogenol, Quercetin, Resveratrol, Royal Jelly, Stronium Complex, Superoxide Dismutase, Stem Cells, Vitamins A B3 B5 C Cester D E F K

Proprietary Creme Base - Emulsifying Wax, Palm Stearic Acid, Vegetable Glycerin, Xanthan Gum

Proprietary Organic Botanical Blend - Aloe Vera, Botanicals, Rose Hydrosol, Seawater

Proprietary Organic Oils - Argan, Carrot, Coconut, Moringa, Olive, Rose, Rosehip, Sea Buckthorn

Proprietary Natural Preservative - Leucidal

We never add Alcohol, Artificial Colors, Silicones, EDTA, Glycols, GMOs, Parabens, Petrolatum, Phenoxyethanol, SLS, Soy, Synthetic Fragrances, Water - never any Animal Testing.


"This note is just to let you know I have been using the extreme creme now for a while and find it to be so terrific. Thought benefits might be cut at the expense of convenience but not so. As a matter a fact, I took it for convenience sake on vacation with me. Easy to travel with and did get a number of compliments on skin. I absolutely love it and will continue to reorder. I am sold on this product. And at night, for those nights when I just cannot push myself to put on all appropriate products, I have extreme creme. Do Not eliminate this product from your line." - Hilary Gold, NJ

"I have tried everything from expensive to inexpensive to pharmaceutical and love, love, love your skin care and cosmetics (tried liquid minerals and the "other" powdered mineral line - yuck - heavy and drying and emphasized lines). After going through chemotherapy twice, my skin was dry and lined and tired and drab and I aged almost overnight. It's been a long road back, but the biggest impact (and in the shortest time) has been your products. There has not been one product thus far that I regret trying. As a result of the breast cancer I come in contact with quite a few women in similar situations and have started to pass along your info and website. As you can imagine, organic is key, but so is efficacy. Thank you for not only your products, but you patience and willingness to answer questions and provide guidance." - Karyn Murray, CA

"I just had to drop you a note and let you know how flabbergasted I am! In the last order I placed, I ordered a sample of the Signature Serum. Well, OMG! I couldn't believe that after just 1 application there would be such an amazing and noticeable difference. I did a double take when I glanced in the mirror, and even my husband noticed too, except he just thought I had lost some weight....MEN! LOL! Anyway, my jowls...well, let's just say I'm still trying to figure out where they went, and hey, I have a jaw line again! Plus the overall firm look to my face. If I had to describe the Signature Serum in just one word, it would have to be WOW! Needless to say I will be placing a full size order for the Signature Serum just as soon as I can decide what else I need, rather want...LOL! I don't want to ever be without this fantastic stuff! And of course, just to let you know, I'm still loving everything else too, and I know that will never change. Nothing but SbP touches my face! One of your biggest fans..." - Bonnie

"Words can't express how wonderful this creme is! For the first time, I have found a creme that actually makes the improvements it claims. In just a few weeks my skin is truly softer and firmer. Even my skin tone looks more vibrant. I truly hope you continue this line." - Alexandria


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