Hair Growth

Hair Growth
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Our invigorating Hair Growth Serum is a stimulating scalp massage blend to increase circulation and feed the hair bulb. Humans have approximately 90,000 to 140,000 hairs on their head. It is normal to lose about 50 to 100 hairs a day. A steady hair loss more than this amount, however, will cause noticeable hair thinning or baldness.

Invigorating Hair Growth Serum was expressly developed for the purpose of delivering luxuriant hair with healthy roots and is made with a blend of organic essential oils in a base of organic Jojoba oil. Jojoba oil is great for the root follicles allowing oxygen in and thereby encouraging new growth, and the essential oils are both stimulating and nourishing for the scalp. Start with a few drops of Hair Growth Serum in the palm of your hand and rub into the scalp with your fingertips; then brush the hair gently and thoroughly from scalp to ends. An overnight treatment will deliver optimum results.

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Burdock - Besides stimulating hair growth, burdock also has antibacterial and anti-dandruff qualities.
Cedarwood - It is highly beneficial for hair loss and hair thinning, as it has stimulating, soothing and astringent properties and can be used on a variety of scalp conditions.
Horsetail - Rich in amino acids, phytosterols and silica, this kind of herb can help strengthen the hair and make it more resilient.
Nettle - It is a very nourishing herb, full of vitamins, amino acids and minerals. Nettle is anti-fungal and can stimulate blood circulation of the scalp, which results in better hair growth.
Parsley - High in vitamins and fatty acids, it has both cleansing and strengthening powers. Parsley oil can be rubbed directly on the scalp to quicken hair growth.
Rosemary - This is one of the most effective essential oils for hair care. It can strengthen the hair and prevent hair thinning. If you have high blood pressure, consult with your doctor before using this type of oil.
Thyme - This type of essential oil can invigorate the scalp and prevent hair thinning. If you have high blood pressure, try to use it in moderation.
Ylang-Ylang - It is suitable for all scalp conditions and also helps normalize sebum production, which is excellent for hair growth.

Our Hair Growth Serum combines nourishing actives for the hair and our Protein Growth Factor. We started with powerful active ingredients known to help promote hair growth in both men and women. Actives were added to help with poor scalp micro-circulation, follicle atrophy caused by dihydrotestosterone, and follicle aging - led by our OPCs. Then full nutrition is provided to compensate for loss of nutrients to the scalp brought about by poor blood irrigation. Finally our Protein Growth Factor completes the serum, which has been found to stimulate hair growth.

Massage into scalp and allow to remain for at least one hour or overngiht. Shampoo as usual. Use for two weeks on and one week off. Repeat cycle as often as necessary to stimulate new hair growth.

Complete Organic Ingredients
Burdock, Horsetail, Nettle, Parsley, Saw Palmetto, Protein, SOD, Vitamin AB3B5B6B7EH, Zinc, Jojoba Oil, Essential Oils.


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