Holistic Living

Holistic Living

Light Therapy

The power of light is so present in our days, so all encompassing, that itís almost hard to wrap your mind around its importance. We certainly take for granted that sunlight sets our daily rhythms, inside the body and without, and is the very source of our nourishment. We hear stories about how light therapy might even help increase the production of serotonin. I know that whenever I watch the light glistening over the ocean here, I feel infinitely more peaceful.

But in a more subtle way, I like to remember that light infuses each of the plant remedies I use in the apothecary and in the treatment room with a unique energetic signature. Every plant absorbs light differently, and the energy that plants and flowers take in light as they grow creates a special frequency. For example, it may come as no surprise that pure essence of Rose carries the highest vibrational signature of all flowers. Thatís why I use it in so many of my formulations, including Bulgarian Rose Water, which so beautifully expresses the marriage of sunlight and roses. It brings the depth of that very loving, bright connection directly to the skin.


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