Honey Rose Skin Care

Honey Rose Skin Care

for all skins over 40
natural skin care with rose oils

For the ultimate in skin care, Rose is a woman's oil! Rose aromatherapy is unsurpassed in balancing a woman's skin, hormones and psyche. And moisturizing a maturing skin with the most delicious and aromatic of all blends. Organic Red Rose and White Rose Essential Oils hold the highest vibrations of all the essential oils. Organic Rose Hip Seed Oil and Rose Hydrosol condition and feed the skin.

certified organic and vegan ingredients
NO water, chemicals, fillers, parabens, animal testing
botanicals are fermented for nutrient-rich healing enzymes
formulas are charged for much deeper absorption
products contain live plant energy
anti-bacterial raw organic honey
hand blended fresh in the USA
all ingredients are "active"
anti-aging Rose actives
crystalline Rose riches
healing Rose Oil

AB Natural Preservative System of Leucidal, Black Willow Bark, Essential Oils, Neem, Rooibos Tea, Rosemary, Vitamin E.

HR Cleanser
gently foaming rose hydrosol with rose clay deeply cleanse pores
HR Toner
rose hydrosol, neroli hydrosol and hyaluronic acid deeply hydrate skin
HR Eye Cream
rose hip seed oil blend deeply moisturizes delicate eye tissue
HR Serum
rose and cosmeceuticals firm and lift a dryer maturing skin
HR Hydrator
rose hydrosol corrects dehydrated skin which is the #1 skin condition
HR Cream
rose hip seed oil protects skin and enhances elasticity
HR Exfoliator
seeds gently exfoliate skin and deliver much needed Vitamin C
HR Mask
rose clay gently purges pores of toxins and debris for a soft glow

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