SR Moisturizer

SR Moisturizer
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Our “2 Step Moisturization System” offers a duo ~ gel hydrator and oil/lotion/cream moisturizer ~ working in tandem, that we believe provides superior results for every skin type, especially dry and dehydrated skins. Our duo system replicates Nature's perfect moisturizer: perspiration and sebum, mixing together to keep skin moist, lubricate, and protect skin against the environment. Why two products? First, all skins constantly need hydration for proper cell function and the #1 skin condition is dehydration. Second, the naturally occurring process whereby water evaporates through the skin is called transepidermal water loss (TEWL). We don’t want this to happen so we layer the hydrator with a moisturizer to seal in the water content. Please read the Oil Myth to understand why lubricating the skin is so very important. Dehydration affects all skins and is the #1 most common skin condition. It is also the easiest condition to correct. Once a skin becomes dehydrated, other skin conditions develop (impacted pore debris, sluggish cell turnover, rough texture, dull color) and existing skin conditions often become worse. Our 2 Step moisturization system works wonderfully to combat dehydration.

Step 2 ~ Oil/Lotion/Cream Moisturizers do not add water moisture to skin, rather they are designed to seal in the moisture which is provided by the hydrator and provide lubrication to protect skin. Moisturizers protect your skin against environmental pollution and free radical attack, which leads to aging. Not all skins may require this duo system. Dry, aging, dehydrated skins and dry skins in dry climates will find the gel hydrator necessary before the lotion moisturizer. Dry skins and dry skins in dry climates will benefit the most from the duo moisturizer system.

Rose Hydrosol, Hyaluronic Acid, Seaweed, Rose Hip Seed Oil, DMAE, MSM, Matrixyl 3000, Silk, Honey, Vitamins FACEB3B5, AB Silk Special Oils Blend, Rose Essential Oils, Natural Preservatives (rooibos, vitamin E, black willow bark, rosemary, neem).


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