N Exfoliant

N Exfoliant
Item# nex-2oz

natural skin care product
essential oil based

Our all natural exfoliant is a home microdermabrasion cream, easy to use and creates a glowing smooth skin. The manual microdermabrasion technique uses the same crystals commonly used in the machine method. The primary objective of performing a manual microdermabrasion treatment is to exfoliate the skin more aggressively than a scrub or enzyme but without the potential chemical reactions of a peel, or the discomfort of a microdermabrasion machine. Some people do not like the feeling of crystals being propelled onto their face and the suction involved with the crystals being vacuumed back up into the machine. Manual microdermabrasion treatments benefit skin in the following ways:

* Minimizes fine lines and acne pit scarring by leveling surrounding areas to a lower level

* Minimizes hyperpigmentation by exfoliating the outside layers of the skin, but more importantly, allows for better penetration of ingredients to lighten pigmentation because the surface skin cells have been removed

* Blackheads and whiteheads are released or extracted easier because the dead surface skin cells are removed

* Skin has a healthy glow because the cellular renewal process has been stimulated and circulation has increased, bringing hydration, nutrition and oxygen to the skin cells

* Manual method allows you to perform inward strokes under the eye area and exfoliate closer to the eye area than a machine would

* Jojoba Beads and Walnut Meal gently and safely polish skin

* Jojoba Oil dissolves dried skin oil so pores can release the plug

Apply to damp skin avoiding eyes. Use two to three times a week. Perform small polishing circles all over, going in both directions. The fingertip pressure should be gentle enough to polish the surface of the skin only and not see skin movement underneath the fingers. Exfoliation is controlled by the amount of water and time, not pressure, harsh scrubbing will only tear skin. Rinse well with cool water. Follow with mask. Scarring can be reduced with consistent use.

Organic Aloe Vera, Green Tea, Botanicals, Lactose, Lavender Chamomile Rose Hydrosols, Grapeseed Oil, Witch Hazel, Jojoba Beads, Walnut Meal, Vitamins B3 B5, AB Natural Preservative System of Black Willowbark, Essential Oils, Neem, Rooibos Tea, Rosemary, Vitamin E.

Skin exfoliation is a very important step in diminishing the early signs of aging and maintaining an age-less skin look. The benefit of this treatment is that not only does it enhance the benefit of other skin care products, it visibly smooths, refines and leaves your skin radiant. It helps clear up acne prone skin and scars, and treats keratosis pilaris - KP are those tiny bumps on the back of the arms - and is perfect to use before self tanning to ensure an even color tan.


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