N Eye Serum

N Eye Serum
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natural skin care product
essential oil based

Our natural version of Hylexin and Hydroxatone. A cooling and soothing eye serum that is formulated for those with "raccoon eyes". Despite what most people think, deep dark circles under your eyes are not primarily caused by being tired and stressed or even allergies. Instead, dermatologists and plastic surgeons agree that dark circles are caused by "the oxidation of hemoglobin in the capillary matrix of the peri-orbital eye area". These capillaries actually "leak" blood that begins to oxidize through a process called hemoglobin degradation. When this blood begins to oxidize it turns a bluish red color, similar to an ugly bruise. And since the skin under the eyes is very thin and fragile, this leads to the appearance of those bags and dark circles. The more transparent your skin and the more blood that pools under it, the darker the circles appear. And what’s worse, this discoloration over time can become permanent!

In scientific studies Eyebright and Peppermint have been shown to help reduce the leaked blood under the skin “hemoglobin degradation by-products” by using a series of natural enzymes that break down the blood and cause the dark circles to fade. In fact, Eyebright and Peppermint are so effective because they actually helps strengthen the capillaries to help prevent them from leaking in the first place.

On toner damp skin, gently pat very sparingly onto the bony ridge surrounding the eyes, using the tips of the ring fingers. Do not apply directly onto eyelids. Using the Press Hold Release application technique will help reduce puffiness.

Organic Aloe Vera, Rosemary, Juniper, Kola Nut, Peppermint, Paraguay Tea, Cherimoya, Ginger, Hyaluronic Acid, Argireline, Matrixyl 3000, Eyebright, Caffeine, DMAE, Jojoba Oil, Vitamins B3 B5, AB Natural Preservative System of Black Willowbark, Essential Oils, Neem, Rooibos Tea, Rosemary, Vitamin E.

The upper eye-lids have the thinnest skin on the entire body with the fewest oil glands and are more prone to extra dryness.

Crow’s-feet are caused by expression and squinting, forming lines and wrinkles easily with usage (the eye normal blinks 20,000 times daily). Hyaluronic acid and aloe vera are natural moisturizers for smoothing fine lines, wrinkles and crepeyness around the eye area.

Puffy eyes is usually fluid buildup at night when you sleep. The anti-inflammatory and astringent properties help tighten under eye skin and reduce puffiness.

Baggy eyes are the result of fat sacs in the eye area, part of the natural aging process. Cosmetic surgery is the only way to eliminate these bags and resulting baggy eyes. Short of this drastic step, DMAE effectively increase elasticity and strengthen the delicate skin barrier to counteract this bagginess.

DMAE is found in foods and can create an almost immediate appearance in the firming and tone of the skin. MSM is able to benefit both the water and lipid portions of the skin. It is said to give the skin a “youthful and glowing appearance.”


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