Normal Dry Skin Care

Normal Dry Skin Care
AB Silk N line is our natural skin care formulated for normal skin. These are skins which still retain a good amount of natural skin components and are fairly balanced with mild aging - skin oil levels is what determines these skins. Natural skin care formulas contain a higher concentration of active ingredients compared to OTC products but not as strong as our Dry Aging line. Natural skin care formulas contain moderate strength state of the art Perricone cosmeceuticals - DMAE, Peptides, Polyphenols, Tocotrienols - to fight aging in all skins. Natural organic normal skin care at its finest!

N Cleanser
cleansing lotion makeup remover for all skins
N Toner
anti-oxidant hydrosol toner for all skins
N Eye Serum
moisturizing firming for mild to moderate signs of aging for all eyes
N Serum
anti-aging anti-oxidant anti-inflammatory firming for all skins
N Hydrator
anti-oxidant gel hydrator for all skins
N Moisturizer
anti-aging anti-oxidant moisturizer for all skins
N Exfoliant
polishing cream for all skins
N Mask
detoxing and firming for all skins and eyes
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