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O Cleanser
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O Cleanser 1 is a green tea based cleanser with a delicious citrus aroma and jojoba beads, which makes it perfect for peeling away layers and deep cleaning without leaving a residue. This is the original O Cleanser that some of you may remember as DermaCleanse. Green tea is an amazing anti-oxidant. This cleanser is enhanced with Vitamins A, B, C and E. O Cleanser is an organic acne treatment cleanser for clarifying clogged pores, acne, blackheads, blemishes, rosacea, oily skin, and large pores. The aloe vera gel blend is a creamy lightly foaming exfoliating cleanser with sebum emulsifying jojoba beads and a high herbal content. Gentle and safe for everyday exfoliation. A very potent formula that helps hydrate, nourish, calm, heal, balance acne skins and reduce pore debris. Safe and comfortable when used on sensitive and irritated skin, will not dry out your skin like other acne cleansers do. Has a natural antiseptic acne-fighting property to help eliminate blemishes, clear-up current acne breakouts and prevent future breakouts, prevents bacteria from affecting sensitive pores.

Provides gentle cleansing, helping restore the youthful and healthy look of your skin. A foaming translucent gel infused with hydrating marine algae is a gentle oil-free gel that dissolves make up and breaks down impurities to float away dulling dead skin cells, cleanses while retaining critical moisture. Softens skin and maintains skinís natural moisture balance.

Get ready to be energized for the day! The lightly foaming gel unleashes nature's most potent cleansing and aromatherapy elements for your face. This silky-feeling treat quickly foams into a rich later to dissolve make up as you cleanse, and makes for an amazing skin-purifying wash. And you won't believe how soft your skin feels and how fresh it smells, all day long. It's also great as a daily face wash for teenagers or anyone who has oily skin or acne. It cleans perfectly and will never dry out the skin.

Feed your skin essential nutrients while deeply cleansing your complexion. This light, creamy skin care formula includes mineral rich Icelandic Kelp and soothing honey. Icelandic Mineral Wash deeply cleanses all skin types and leaves the skin complexion clean, soft, smooth and glowing. Leaves skin feeling quenched and revitalized, rinses clean with no residue left behind.

* Makeup Remover and skin cleanser
* Removes impurities without stripping away surface moisture
* Breaks down makeup while maintaining skin's natural moisture
* Anti-aging marine extracts guard against premature fine lines and wrinkles
* Helps clear pores to help minimize potential breakout
* Leaves skin feeling revitalized
* Seawater - minerals revitalize skin.

Select Ingredients
* Apple Cider Vinegar - Gently cleanses without stripping natural oils, helps loosen pore plugs and kill acne bacteria.
* Botanicals - A superior blend of organic botanical extracts selected for their cleansing, exfoliating, and soothing properties.
* Decyl Polyglucoside - Next time you see an advertisement that says "no sulfates, no detergents" ask the manufacturer the name of their surfactants. Do not settle for "coconut derived", ask for the INCI name. We use Decyl Polyglucoside in our super gentle face wash and shampoos - we do not say "derived from sugar". It has been obtained from research results that, of the surfactants tested, the one showing the lowest irritant capacity is decyl polyglucoside.
* Hydrosols - Nature's skin balancing conditioners derived from the essential oil manufacturing process. Wonderful hydrators that allow for proper cell function so that skin may repair itself, calming irritated tissues, reducing inflammation and painful swelling.
* Jojoba Wax Esters - Round smooth jojoba beads are a physical exfoliant that gently polishes skin without scratching. The gentle beads do not irritate tissues or cause microtears in the skin. Polishes the surface smooth, loosening and helping to clear pore debris. These wax esters from jojoba oil will eventually melt with body heat and the massaging action to help dissolve excess sebum.
* Essential Oils - An excellent proprietary blend of essential oils help clogged pores release impacted pore plugs, blackheads, gently controls excess oil, kills bacteria and balances hormones.

Dampen face with warm water, dispense two pumps and gently massage face paying special attention to problem areas, wings of nose and hairline. Rinse thoroughly with warm water and pat dry. Follow with toner on cotton pads to finish the deep pore cleansing process.

Organic Aloe, Decyl Glucoside, Jojoba Beads, Zinc Oxide, Honey, Salicylic Acid, Apple Cider Vinegar, Grapeseed Oil, Witch Hazel, Vitamins B3B5, AB Natural Preservative System of Black Willowbark, Essential Oils, Neem, Rooibos Tea, Rosemary, Vitamin E.


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