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Sea Essence
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Sea Essence is 100% pure Sea Kelp Bioferment, a natural kelp extract that is obtained using traditional fermentation technology of sea kelp using Lactobacillus, the same bacteria that produces yogurt, sour cream and sour dough breads, among many other foods. Fermentation breaks down the cellular tissue of the kelp leaf, thereby increasing the bioavailability of the many naturally occurring chemical compounds abundant in kelp, allowing for the isolation and concentration of these phytochemicals. Fermentation and subsequent reduction of the kelp liquor results in the concentration of these vital nutrients. Naturally occurring algin, the mucilaginous intercellular material found in kelp, thickens this product to a gel consistency. Sea kelp has a high content of silicon, vitamins and minerals. Silicon helps invigorating skin and tissue thereby improving the appearance of wrinkles. The vitamins and minerals nourish and soothe the skin and nourish especially the root of the hair for faster growth.

Highlight Ingredients
-Amazing nutrition - Trace Minerals, Laminaran, Alginic acid, Tannins, Vitamins, Mineral Salts, Mannitol, Beta-Carotene, Antibiotic substances, Proteins, Amino acids
-Great anti-inflammatory properties
-Excellent oil-free moisturizer
-A natural film former sealing in hydration
-Incredibly effective for normal and dry skin, especially dehydrated skin
-Firming, healing and soothing for any skin type
-Thickens hair
-Adds a glow to skin and hair

Sea Kelp Bioferment can be used as a great nutritive active. Used alone, itís perfect for people with oily skin as it moisturizes without supplying extra oil. Itís firming, healing, soothing for any skin type. It is also incredibly effective for normal and dry skin, as it is a powerful nutritive moisturizer. It can be added to almost any product Ė from creams to serums to washes and lotions, it is the perfect active for almost any purpose. Macrocystis pyrifera is a sea macroalgae rich in caragenaan, algin, minerals and many active chemicals. Fermentation makes the cell contents of this algae readily available to your skin, moisturizing it and providing the nutrients required to synthesize new components. It is fermented by the same microorganisms that convert milk into yogurt. Sea Kelp Bioferment is made by a licensed, high-quality laboratory of skin care ingredients. These ingredients are backed by scientific research and testing.

Add to your favorite cream or lotion to give your skin the minerals, vitamins and amino acids that it needs for renewal. It may be added to bath water or even applied directly to the skin and hair. Caution, when applying directly to the skin, not all of the Sea Essence may absorb into the skin. Gently brush off excess with a tissue. It can also be used as a hair gel to give your hair incredible bounce and fullness. Just apply a quarter sized amount to damp hair and once your hair is dry, brush it - youíll notice a big difference!

-Seakelp (Lactobacillus/Kelp Ferment Filtrate) Bioferment
-Propanediol (natural alternative to petroleum-derived propylene glycol)
-Leucidal (natural alternative to synthetic paraben/phenoxyethanol preservatives)
-2.5 oz jar

Please be patient. With all products, allow 30-60 days to see improvements depending on your age and general health. Just as hair and nails take time to grow, damaged skin needs time to regenerate.

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