Sea Essence Ingredients

Sea Essence Ingredients
Natural vs Organic vs Synthetic

Scientists learn to use words carefully. Marketing people use words carelessly. This difference does not matter much unless you dislike paying too much for a product or being fooled into choosing a certain product.

Organic Organic conveys a meaning of wholesomeness. The FDA has some rules about how to use the word for food products. When used for food, it means that the crop has been grown without adding synthetic fertilizers and that no pesticides have been used. When it comes to cosmetics there are no rules as to how the word "organic" can be used, and many irresponsible people will take advantage of this to fool the consumer (no rules means no punishment). My advice: whenever you see the word "organic" on a skin or hair care product, look at the ingredient list and make sure you know how to read it. Some manufacturers have no problem disguising the true ingredient with more "organic sounding" names.

Natural What is "natural?" Our definition: natural is something that has been taken directly from nature and has not been modified chemically.

Why is "natural" a marketing word? It sounds good. But in reality there is nothing that makes a natural chemical better than a synthetic one. In other words, a chemical is not defined by how it was obtained, but by how the atoms are arranged in the molecule. There is no way to differentiate between a synthetic and a natural chemical. Moreover, whatever the feeling the word natural conveys, natural can be bad. Just think "poison ivy." Again, if you are faced with a product that is advertising "all natural", read its ingredient list.

Synthetic If we look at things taken from nature directly as natural, then things that are derived from natural items (chemically or otherwise) are by definition artificial or synthetic. Many laboratories have been able to stabilize and emphasize elements in natural products, developing stronger, more efficient synthetic actives. In fact, most manufacturers use synthetic chemicals that have been optimized for use in cosmetics after many decades of testing. There is nothing wrong with this, as long as customers are not lied to.

We use many natural products, and some of them are organic. But we do not want to reinforce the idea (wrong, in our view) that natural is good and synthetic is bad, so we don't emphasize the origin of the chemical.

Packaging - We spend money on actives, and some of them are terribly expensive. As part of our mission we want to keep our prices as low as possible, and this includes using simple packaging. The bonus to you is that this simple packaging has allowed us to maintain pricing at low levels, both in terms of production and shipping.

This aim for reasonable pricing is also why we do not wholesale our products or accept product returns.