Sea Essence Reviews

Sea Essence Reviews
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Hi! It is so wonderful that you are back to what you are so amazing at! I am so happy that a level of healing has taken place that you can do what you love! I was thrilled when I saw your email. Yes, I did want the Sea Essence DMAE serum and Sea Essence Peptide cream> both items I paid for and put in my cart. AFTER i had just sent it, I wrote the appreciate in a separate word at the bottom as an addendum to my email order...I don't know if she got that or not. Oh my gosh! I have a lot of orders that I placed! I think I found paradise with you maybe 10 years ago at least! Wow! Again, my prayers to you for continued health. We know that when we do what we love, it benefits both body and soul!
Many thanks and continued wellness, Patricia,

Hi Everyone, I got excited about the new Sea Essence product and decided to buy a few items for the hubs as well. Thank you very much for all you do!! Best,

Oh,boy! I love your products!

I bought this because fermented kelp is used in my favorite serum as well as in La Mer's famous skin cream. I love this product. If my skin is looking dull, I use some of this, and it's instantly uplifted, hydrated, and glowing!

This is a really good serum, distinctly better than the ones I've used previously. Smooths skin and gives it an even glow. This can really turn back the clock!

Freaking amazing. So my miracle story with this product is that I developed crepey skin on my neck and breasts in my late 20s, from being on a ridiculously restrictive diet. Diet was fixed, but some of the crepeyness hung around. I've been using this collagen serum for a couple months now on my face, neck, breasts, and some scars, and the crepeyness is gone, 10 years after I developed it. That's incredible. The skin on my face also feels a lot stronger - it used to be that if I slept on my side, I'd have pillow wrinkles on my face for at least an hour after. That doesn't happen now, which I didn't expect at all.

I have recently begun using samples of this cream, and even though it's relatively too soon to post an in depth review, I think it's easy to say that so far this treatment is remarkable, and has, in a short period of time, seemed to relax some lines and create luminosity.

Patricia, what a wonderful surprise to see you back in business! I am so thrilled! It sounds like you have truly had a rough time, but I am so glad that you have found your way back to your skin care line. You are truly the miracle worker! I look forward to using these products! I just ordered a few products to test out on my sensitive skin, but I am sure, like all your other products, they will be magnificent! Be well my dear and congratulations on your new line!

This is a new product for me I have been using it for one month. I like this product as a night cream, it does not irritate my eyes or break me out. This antiaging cream has softened my fine lines and gives me a more even skin tone, less redness. The texture of my skin is soft and moist not greasy. I will re-order this product.

I gave it to my mum to use. Her skin is normal to dry. Visible wrinkles around the eyes only. It is germane to mention that she reacts adversely to nearly every topical she tries eg breakouts, a rash etc. The anti-age cream was gentle with absolutely no unwanted reaction. Her observations are as follows: The cream itself is elegant and refined. Skin has a lovely glow, goes on beautifully and absorbs readily (however needed to use a layer of her normal moisturizer over the top due to her skin type, which is no problem), a softening of the fine lines, no change in the deeper wrinkles. She is extremely happy with it and hopefully will see additional benefits over time. All in all, one of the best anti-age creams she has ever tried (actually to be honest, it's probably the best). My observation of mum's skin, is a beautiful smoothness and refined texture. It definitely has a glow. She looks gorgeous. I think this is an excellent cream.

I just placed my third order for sunscreen today. I have so many tubes of Anthelios, La Roche Posay, Ombrelle, Neutrogena, and other sunscreens languishing in a drawer that I ought to be arrested by the SPF police. This is the only sunscreen I've found that 1) leaves my skin with a nice, matte, moisturized finish; 2) doesn't sting on application; 3) doesn't ball or roll off when I apply foundation; 4) doesn't get in my eyes and sting whether I'm playing tennis or just sitting at my desk; and 5) does a great job of keeping my skin from burning. Now I do also use Vitamin C serum, antioxidants, green tea, etc., prior to applying the sunscreen. I don't use moisturizer; I find that some serums and a top layer of sunscreen are all my 42-year-old skin needs. I really can't say enough good things about ASA products in general. My skin looks fabulous and I'm not spending a fortune to keep it that way. I do browse the skin care counters and aisles because I do have a slight addiction to beauty products, but I always end up putting the products back after I read the ingredients. It seems so ridiculous to spend money on products that just don't measure up to what I can buy or create from ASA. I've searched for over 20 years for the "holy grail" of skin care products, and I know that I've found it at ASA. Thank you guys so much, and please don't ever stop producing such great products!!

One of my favorite products. It is great for using the morning after having used Vitamin C Serum, the night before.

Have been using this for a week. A small amount packs a lot of punch. I was very skeptical, being a trained biochemist/molecular biologist, that the large molecules can penetrate skin, especially mitochondria. After a week, I still don't know that they are, but there is a big difference in my neck/decollete, not so much on my facial skin. The cream is slightly sticky on the body, especially in the summer heat. Thanks for a great product!

I have only been using this for a week or so and i love it. It makes my skin glow and look evenly moisturized. I think that some people are saying its too sticky because they are applying too much. A little does go a long way. I do not mind the feeling at all and i even apply it before make up. I just really love how this makes my face look. It also does not seem to irritate at all or cause any pimples. I like this stuff better for under my eyes than cream with vit k added.

I can't ever be without this serum again. I went through my first bottle in 2 months, but the two bottles I re-ordered should last longer now that I've got the hang of application. I really only need 3-5 drops on a damp face & it soaks in beautifully. My pores have gotten smaller, if I need to extract comedones, they remove much more easily now & my facial contours have definitely gotten firmer. I will always make sure to have this serum on hand.

Not a good product. I didn't see any changes in my skin or hair maybe it just differs person to person but I don't recommend it.

Miracle wonder in a bottle! I have to admit, I have only been using this product for a short while--but visual results were apparent after only three days of use, something worth talking about. The fine lines under my eyes have truly softened and are not as noticeable after only two weeks of use. I have to admit, I am using Collagen along with several other ASA products but feel the collagen is the primary contributor along with Anti-Aging to the changes I am seeing. Combined the products seem synergistic. Other changes include smoother skin texture and tone. The only negative is the pump bottle. Because the Collagen becomes very thick when refrigerated, it is difficult to pump. I switched the collagen to a cobalt blue dropper bottle--perfect!

I'm terrible at wearing sunscreen except when I'm getting more than 15 minutes exposure on sunny days, even though I'm fair and burn super easily. I just despise the way it feels, especially on my face. However, I really liked the texture, scent and feel of the SPF30 protection. I even forgot I was wearing it - no greasiness or heaviness. I used it on my 9-month old son as well (he's a ginger too, and has eczema flare ups when he reacts to things) and he didn't cry when I put it on and no flare ups! Also no burns. Thanks for an excellent product!

I loved the results of the original collagen serum but didn't like the texture. The texture in this is what you old one should have been, it doesn't dry as like a layer on your face and seems to absorb more. I got a sample of this and will be buying more! I used collagen serum throughout my pregnancy layered with rosehip oil on top and didn't get any stretchmarks. Stretchmarks are a genetic trait in my family, my mother and all my aunties have very bad stretchmarks, I truly believe this along with rosehip oil saved my skin.

I use this product as a mask, because otherwise my face is super sticky all day/night. I didn't like the smell at first, but now it smells pretty good! It feels really great on my skin.
Response: It sounds like your application is a bit too heavy, try less product next time and see if this improves the feel. Only the thinnest veil on your skin is needed.

Incredible. Far and above the best sunscreen I have ever used in 25 years and I have tried most of them - expensive and cheap ones. Leaves a beautiful smooth matte finish on my somewhat oily skin. Perfect product.

I really like this serum. I purchased it mainly to fight the acne scars, but it definitely adds an additional glow and healthy look to my skin. I apply it after cleansing my skin in the evening (before moisturizer). Great product!

40yrs old, 6 children and 1 Grand child. I do have the beginning signs of sun damage from being out on the boat fishing. In saying that I have used the same organic skin care line for the past 5 years and people still think I'm 26-27yrs. After doing some research I decided I wanted to try some new actives so I could see if I could remain looking that age for the next 10 yrs (Fingers crossed)!! Stumbled across ASA and just received my first order today and excitedly cleaned, toned and dried my skin and first applied the DMAE serum, used my blow dryer to dry it faster and then applied the Collagen Serum over top. 20 mins later I look in the mirror and I swear I look a year younger 25 maybe? My skin had an amazing glow, firmer, yet supple and my pores seemed to be visibly smaller. So, I'm impressed so far and will continue to update my reviews with continued use and as I try the other serums. Thanks so much!!

We received your literature and wonderful samples today. Thank you. So far in the research we have been doing online, your products are the highest quality, great packaging, and most beautifully scented. You obviously know what you are doing! You are right about Jurlique - we have decided to discontinue our relationship with them after buying from them for five years- yes, their product is super, but they expected us to buy in large volumes monthly and got snippy when we weren't able to. Thank you again, we will be in touch soon.

The package was on my front porch when I got home from work yesterday. I have been a licensed esthetician for over 13 years, and have always had a strong interest in aromatherapy, holistic medicine, etc. I knew as soon as I opened your package that it was the real deal, just from the fresh aroma! As someone with very oily/acne prone skin which is ALSO extremely sensitive, I have always had a hard time finding products that work...and I have tried them ALL! haha I was just so impressed with the PURITY of your's about time someone did it right! I used to think Yonka came pretty close to utilizing essential oils and herbs...but your products blow them away. I've only had a chance to try the serum so far...and I loved it! I anticipate placing another order with you very soon!

Reporting back in with my 2 cents :) As you can tell from the order you have sold me on the Sea line -- :) Having wonderful results so far. (that mask is a real WOW) My only complaint is that I'm going through the toner like crazy -- and it's expensive! (I'm a big spray all day fan). You have a real winner with the Sea Line!!! My skin is healing and clearing at an incredible pace (a former skin care experiment left me cystic and clogged). Now I'm hydrated, but never greasy, and just clear and glowing. Wonderful!

I just started using your products and I am very happy. I even have my boyfriend using the Gel and his skin has never looked better! Thank you for your amazing products. A very happy customer.


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