Seacrets Love Letters

Seacrets Love Letters

from Diane, a fellow esthetician
We received your literature and wonderful samples today. Thank you. So far in the research we have been doing online, your products are the highest quality, great packaging, and most beautifully scented. You obviously know what you are doing! You are right about Jurlique - we have decided to discontinue our relationship with them after buying from them for five years- yes, their product is super, but they expected us to buy in large volumes monthly and got snippy when we weren't able to. Thank you again, we will be in touch soon.

from Samantha, a fellow esthetician
The package was on my front porch when I got home from work yesterday. I have been a licensed esthetician for over 13 years, and have always had a strong interest in aromatherapy, holistic medicine, etc. I knew as soon as I opened your package that it was the real deal, just from the fresh aroma! As someone with very oily/acne prone skin which is ALSO extremely sensitive, I have always had a hard time finding products that work...and I have tried them ALL! haha I was just so impressed with the PURITY of your's about time someone did it right! I used to think Yonka came pretty close to utilizing essential oils and herbs...but your products blow them away. I've only had a chance to try the serum so far...and I loved it! I anticipate placing another order with you very soon!

from Mary P
Hi Patricia -- reporting back in with my 2 cents :) As you can tell from the order you have sold me on the Sea line -- :) Having wonderful results so far. (that mask is a real WOW) My only complaint is that I'm going through the toner like crazy -- and it's expensive! (I'm a big spray all day fan). You have a real winner with the Sea Line!!! My skin is healing and clearing at an incredible pace (a former skin care experiment left me cystic and clogged). Now I'm hydrated, but never greasy, and just clear and glowing. Wonderful!

from Catherine D
I just started using your Seacrets products this past year and I am very happy. I even have my boyfriend using the Emollient Gel and his skin has never looked better! Thank you for your amazing products. A very happy customer.


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