Sheer Silk Mineral Liquid Foundation

Sheer Silk Mineral Liquid Foundation
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foundation with a kiss of silk™

Our Sheer Silk Minerals™ Radiant Liquid Foundation™ silk mineral makeup can be purchased in two forms - Liquid Matte for normal to oily skins or Vegan Liquid for normal to dry skins. Offering all coverage options from a light translucent finish to an excellent spot camouflage to a full coverage foundation that still feels very light and natural. Sheer Minerals™ Radiant Silk Liquid Foundation™ mineral makeup is the purest form of foundation available. It is non-organic, talc-free, chemical-free, synthetic-free, dye-free, and unable to grow mold, yeast, and bacteria like most liquid foundation. Non-organic ingredients tend to be cleaner from the standpoint of fecal material, soil, worm and insect remains. Remember, these minerals are coming straight out of the ground then processed into safe, healthy, cosmetic grade powders. We then mix these minerals with a liquid base, based on your skin type selected at the time of checkout. This foundation is the most hypoallergenic cosmetic on the market. It hides skin conditions such as blemishes, rosacea, birthmarks and spider veins yet feels utterly weightless!

Sheer Silk Minerals™ Radiant Liquid Foundation™ is a silky smooth mineral makeup and is nearly waterproof. It's an excellent sports makeup and is also ideal for women with active lifestyles. It seals in moisture for those with dry skin yet doesn't clog pores for those with oily skin. It also won't "break up" in response to oil, but remains flawless throughout the day. This miracle of sheer cover also offers skin healing benefits that traditional makeup can only envy.

Mineral makeup glides on the skin, is very forgiving and blends flawlessly. You do not need an "exact" match to your skin tone for our makeup to look natural. Minerals layer nicely. If you want more coverage, simply apply another thin layer. If color is too cool, apply another color on top to warm it up, or vice versa. And finally, the "glow" skin receives from these minerals and silk hides fine lines and wrinkles, taking years off a woman's face!

Liquid Foundation Colors
Size: .5oz, packaged in an elegant glass jar (if available)

Warm ~ yellow undertones, perhaps with olive or gold

Warm Fair - Kerrie
Warm Fair - WF    for the peaches and cream complexion with yellow undertones

Warm Light - Teporah
Warm Light - WL    for light olive-skinned women

Warm Light Med - Saturnina
Warm Light Medium - WLM     for caramel colored complexions with yellow undertones

Warm Med - Sandra
Warm Medium - WM    for skin that is tan from summer activities

Cool ~ pink undertones, perhaps with red or blue

Cool Fair - Ashlie
Cool Fair - CF    for the very lightest classic ivory complexion with pink undertones

Cool Light - Paula
Cool Light - CL    for very light skin with cool tones

Cool Light Med - Amy
Cool Light-Medium - CLM    for the light-medium range with pink undertones

Neutral ~ balanced undertones

Neutral Light - Claire
Neutral Light - NL    for light skin with pink or neutral undertones, helps tone down ruddiness and even out skin tone

Neutral Med - Tan Girl
Neutral Medium - NM    for neutral skins that do not exhibit strong tones of yellow or pink, a bit darker than Neutral Light

Note: the colors shown here may not be actual as each camera and monitor may alter the hue slightly.

Skin Color Tips
Fair ~ porcelain skin tones and very sun-sensitive skin.
Light ~ light to ivory skin tones and sun-sensitive.
Light-Medium ~ light-medium to beige skin tones that become tan in the sun.
This shade will work for the majority of the adult female population.
Medium ~ medium tones for tanned skins.

Complete Mineral Ingredients: Silk, Mica, iron oxides, ultramarine blue, May Contain: zinc oxide, silica and titanium dioxide.

Liquid Matte Foundation Ingredients: Distilled Water, Hazelnut Oil, jojoba oil, sun-bleached beeswax, Sodium Borate, Xanthan Gum, Essential Oils of Listea Cubeba, Ylang Ylang and Myrrh. Color: Silk, Mica, iron oxides, ultramarine blue, May Contain: zinc oxide, silica and titanium dioxide.

The Liquid Matte Foundation is an extraordinarily light base. It's almost weightless. Oily skin will benefit from a balanced complexion throughout the day, without breakthrough shine. Carefully selected botanicals offer just the right slip, without feeling heavy, or clogging pores.

Vegan Liquid Foundation Ingredients: Water, Organic Apricot Kernel Oil, Organic Jojoba, Cetearyl Alcohol, Sodium Stearoyl Lactylate, Cetearyl Glucoside, Xanthan Gum, Essential oils of rosewood, lavender and rose, Vitamin E (soy based). Color: Silk, Mica, iron oxides, ultramarine blue, May Contain: zinc oxide, silica and titanium dioxide.

The Vegan Liquid Foundation base is a light, yet moisturizing base that has been formulated to be completely free of animal by-products, including beeswax. It includes gentle, vegetable-based emulsifiers (as an alternative to emulsifying wax NF), and contains traditional ingredients, such as Apricot Kernel oil, and essential oils.

from Maggie
I tried the samples and I just love the way your makeup/primer/mist feels on my looks so natural...not at all dry or a "caked"'s the best mineral makeup I have ever used and I've tried quite a few...


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