Sheer Silk Mineral Colors

Sheer Silk Mineral Colors
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a kiss of color™

Our Sheer Minerals™ Silk Colors™ mineral makeup is a silky matt powder for the eyes, cheeks, lips and nails which can be used as an eye shadow, eye liner, blush, lipstick and nail color, all in one. Brightening, defining and contouring with a soft natural warmth, easily blendable and long-wearing. These are pure pigments without fillers or dyes, therefore safe for lips. Simply seal lips with a clear lip gloss and nails with a clear top coat. Voila! an instant coordinated monocromatic pallet for a professional "put together" look!

Our silky Sheer Minerals™ Silk Colors™ minerals are made from pure mica, the texture is extraordinarily soft yet the color is very concentrated. Use just a few grains on a brush. Make sure to tap off all excess powder until there is just a faint dusting on the tips of the bristles, then gently glide over the skin. While it is a powder cosmetic color, it is not drying due to the high pure Silk content. It seals in moisture for those with dry skin yet doesn't clog pores for those with oily or problem skin.

For glitz and glamor, add Sparkling White. Or, select the Shimmer colors for a dramatic evening presence!

Cheek and Eye Colors
Size: 10 gram by volume, 5 grams net weight, packaged in an easy to handle clear plastic jar with sealed sifter

Image hosted by Purple Light

Image hosted by Purple Medium (our Purple's are in the Violet color range)

Image hosted by Purple Dark

Image hosted by Brown Light

Image hosted by Brown Medium

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting Brown Dark

Image hosted by Peach Light

Image hosted by Peach Medium

Image hosted by Pink Light

Image hosted by Pink Medium

Image hosted by Pink Dark

Image hosted by Red Dark

Image hosted by Green Light

Image hosted by Green Medium

Image hosted by Green Dark

Image hosted by Shimmer White

Image hosted by Shimmer Champagne

Image hosted by Shimmer Gold

Image hosted by Shimmer Copper

Image hosted by Shimmer Burgundy

Image hosted by Shimmer Green

Image hosted by Shimmer Blue

Image hosted by Shimmer Silver

Image hosted by Teal Light

Image hosted by Teal Medium

Image hosted by Teal Dark

Image hosted by Blue Light

Image hosted by Blue Medium (our Blues are in the Blue-Violet color range)

Image hosted by Blue Dark

Note: the colors shown here may not be precisely what is seen in real life as each camera and monitor may alter the hue slightly.

The advantages of pure powdered minerals over traditional color cosmetics: * full-strength color formula makes it easier to get a desired look - from subtle to intense
* concentrated so less in needed (and it lasts)
* dot a little on the cheekbone and blend with sponge or brush
* if more color is desired, then apply another layer
* also try layering different colors
* may blend colors together to create custom blush shades
* NO chemicals, dyes, or preservatives

Complete Ingredients: Silk, chromium, iron oxide, mica, ultramarine, zinc oxide.

Appreciated comments from our valued customers

from Cathy, had an allergic reaction to JI eye shadows
I just wanted to let you know that after only a few days of using the new products, my eyes are dramatically improved!!!!! You wouldn’t believe the difference! They also aren’t itching anymore, no more stinging, I don’t feel like clawing them off anymore!! Thank you so much for everything, you have got wonderful products and I appreciate all you did to help me! Also, I LOVE the eyeshadow samples! They are so smooth and go on so nicely! They don’t bother my eyelids at all and look beautiful. I love the colors! I will be placing an order for more in the near future! Thanks again for steering me in the right direction and for your warm hospitality!


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