Sheer Silk Powder Primer

Sheer Silk Powder Primer
Item# mm-pri

a dusting of silk™

Our organic Sheer Silk Powder Primer is designed specifically to be used as a dry base applied to dry skin with a dry brush, before your mineral makeup, to accomplish a smooth even skin texture. This amazing primer is pure silk amino acids and proteins to gently and naturally fill in any uneven lines in your face. Other primers use silicone and other synthetics. We bring you what nature offers. If you have problems with makeup that seems to disappear after several hours, you need this incredible powder. It creates a barrier between your skin and makeup. Simply apply before foundation or concealers.

This is an ultra premium silk base, a very finely powdered food grade primer that is bright and odorless. You get enough to last ages because you just need a slight dusting under your makeup. Silk powder makes a wonderful base for our silk foundation. Apply a thin layer prior to your mineral foundation. Sublime and luxurious in it's simplicity, silk powder is ideal for all skin types but perfect for acne and combination skin.

Perfect your skin before you even apply your foundation. Pure Silk Powder refines pores and fine lines and primes your face for a flawless, even application of our Sheer Silk Minerals™ loose mineral makeup foundation. Silk Primer has many benefits for your skin and is gorgeous, silky, and a somewhat translucent powder with lots of amino acids and proteins that your skin just loves. It's a luxurious under makeup primer that helps to absorb excess oil. Most importantly, it is a natural moisture-adjusting product. This means that it can absorb or release moisture, and oil, as the temperature and humidity changes in the surrounding environment. Silk powder also contains amino acids and both reflects and absorbs UV rays.

Size: 10 gram by volume, 5 grams net weight, packaged in an easy to handle clear plastic jar with sealed sifter

From Becky: Your silk primer is amazing! It works better than those other silicone gels and provides a perfect surface for my makeup--even with my problem skin!"


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