Silky Cotton Pads

Silky Cotton Pads
Item# scp-320ct

Our soft Silky Cotton Pads are non-woven, super soft 100% cotton. Disposable felt squares are lint free and completely without any residue. There are no binders or chemicals in the interlocking fibers of this pure material, so no potential irritants for sensitive skins. Excellent for acne and rosacea skin types. A nice perk is there are none of those little annoying cotton fibers left behind. These felt pads are perfect when paired with your facial toner to deep cleanse pores, remove all cleanser residue and pore debris, which helps reduce pore size. You'll use less toner than you do with traditional cotton pads, so your toner will last longer. The pads are quite large and easy to cut or tear into quarters and you can use both sides. Or just use them as is, and turn over and inside out as you go. The package lasts a long time when used this way, for an even better value of 320 cottons. Smaller pores can be had!


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