from our customers... with much appreciation

from Lisa H.
Hello Tricia! I hope you don't get tired of hearing from me, but I had to e-mail and tell you----I love, absolutely love your N hydrator-I ordered a sample of it with my last order-the stuff is fantastic!! At 46--with still an oil slick on my forehead by the end of the day-it not only controls the oil but my skin looks fresh. The true test was going to the big city of Green Bay in the hot weather-I came home and my skin still looked as good as it did when I left in the morning! As always--YOU ARE #1!!!

from Samantha, a fellow esthetician
The package was on my front porch when I got home from work yesterday. I have been a licensed esthetician for over 13 years, and have always had a strong interest in aromatherapy, holistic medicine, etc. I knew as soon as I opened your package that it was the real deal, just from the fresh aroma! As someone with very oily/acne prone skin which is ALSO extremely sensitive, I have always had a hard time finding products that work...and I have tried them ALL! haha I was just so impressed with the PURITY of your products...it's about time someone did it right! I used to think Yonka came pretty close to utilizing essential oils and herbs...but your products blow them away. I've only had a chance to try the serum so far...and I loved it! I anticipate placing another order with you very soon!

from Joanna
Just wanted to let you know that I was reading that ingredient list you have ("Natural Ingredients") and I wanted to say that I am really, really, really impressed by the extensive stuff you've got -- even Beta Glucan! (I'm gonna assume that beta glucan is in the PS stuff, because it's extraordinary.) All these ingredients that the media and celebrities have been fawning over all these years, like Idebenone and Matrixyl and Hyaluronic Acid, and you already have it all, less expensive, more powerful, and created with heart. Kudos to that. It might explain why I keep coming back and why I recommend you to all my friends. I don't think I could honestly find a better online place for truly powerful skin care that also heals the mind and spirit. You make sure that there is love in everything you do: I wish everyone could be like that. Your wealth of personal knowledge is staggering, your honesty is refreshing, your compassion is boundless, and your sense of humor rocks! Anna really is the website to go to for total skin health and spiritual wellness, and I want everyone to know. I love you guys!

from Karyn
I have tried everything from expensive to inexpensive to pharmaceutical and love, love, love your skin care and cosmetics (tried liquid minerals and the ‘other’ powdered mineral line – yuck – heavy and drying and emphasized lines). After going through chemotherapy twice, my skin was dry and lined and tired and drab and I aged almost overnight. It’s been a long road back, but the biggest impact (and in the shortest time) has been your products. There has not been one product thus far that I regret trying. As a result of the breast cancer I come in contact with quite a few women in similar situations and have started to pass along your info and website. As you can imagine … organic is key, but so is efficacy. Thank you for not only your products, but you patience and willingness to answer questions and provide guidance.

from Gina
Hi! I felt compelled today to email you and tell you WOW! I got my samples 4 days ago and frankly, I had ordered them because I have been so curious about your products. I use organic products I either make myself or purchase at the health food store near me, but have always been intrigued by your website. So, I ordered my samples so I could stop wondering, but didn't really plan on seeing any big difference. I have to tell you, I keep looking in the mirror and saying "are those dark eye circles really gone?" or "is my face really firmer, or do I just think it is??" I've always used a hodge-podge of products and shied away from "lines" because it was such a big investment! So I'd buy here and there. What I realize now is that I can't afford NOT to be using your products since I turned 40 this year and have really seen my skin start to age. So, THANK YOU! And thanks for the quick delivery of my samples and how long do you think the PS line will be on sale since I have to save my pennies because I want to BUY IT ALL! Thanks for your time, and I gotta say - they really work!


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