SR Toner

SR Toner
Item# srt-4oz

A facial toner, tonic, floral water, or astringent is a hydrating skin conditioner and the most important step in your skin care regimen! Your skin is left impeccably clean, hydrated, and prepared to accept additional moisture and correcting ingredients. A pure skin conditioning liquid that does NOT contain alcohol, acetone, or other harsh ingredients will perform several extremely important steps: deep pore cleansing, add water or moisture hydration, assist application of product, absorption of product, provides nourishment, balances skin, and sets makeup.

This is one of the most important steps in your acne skin care regimen. In order for skin to repair itself with it's innate healing ability, it must be kept HYDRATED. The #1 skin condition is dehydrated skin but also the easiest to correct. Please read the "Toner Myth" to understand why hydrating and wiping are so very important.

All cleanser residue, pore debris and impurities must be removed. For best results from any toner, always use it on a soft, wet cotton. Treatment toners are more medicinal to seriously correct a skin condition. The single Hydrosol toners are a bit more aromatic and not quite as correcting. After using, you have a truly deep-pore cleansed skin, with minimal debris remaining in the pores and on the skin. Otherwise, this debris will be pushed deeper into the pores as you apply a serum or moisturizer on top, building up to a congested skin condition. If this pore debris is allowed to remain, then it becomes pore plugs: new oil and old dead skin cells are trapped underneath, becoming impacted and extremely difficult to remove, resulting in blackheads, possible inflammation and even blemishes. Worse yet, if the pore plugs become dry from dehydrated skin, then you have impacted plugs and extreme congestion.

Rose Hydrosol, Hyaluronic Acid, Heavy Water, Silk, Honey, Vitamins FACEB3B5, AB Silk Special Oil Blend, Rose Essential Oils, Natural Preservatives (rooibos, vitamin E, black willow bark, rosemary, neem).


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